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Finally debunking the dirty hair updo myth

Many brides wonder if the common misconception of having dirty hair for an updo still applies. I get asked this question A LOT so I figured this would be the perfect subject to blog about!

The answer is, well no. It truly depends on your hair type how you should prep your hair for day of. For most of you, this is the first or second time I am ever working on your head of hair. You know better than anyone if you hair gets oily within a couple hours of washing it, or if it is dry as a desert the first day after shampooing.

Silky/ straight hair/ virgin hair(uncolored)/ hair that doesn’t hold curl well

If you have super silky, straight hair that you know will absolutely not hold a curl I would urge you to shampoo your hair the day before. This way your hair is definitely not dirty, but has a little wear to it and your natural oils have time to balance themselves out. Most of the time, the night before is your rehearsal and you’ve already had your hair done either blown out or curled. Layering product is absolutely fine, in fact is is amazing for silky texture hair! I have THE BEST results when hair is day old and has product layered from the day before such as texture + hairsprays.

Normal hair that holds curl well

Shampoo the day before, blown hair for day of. DO NOT flat iron!

Oily hair

Oily hair is almost impossible to hold curl. All the dry shampoo in the world isn’t going to help ya! If you know your hair tends to get oily, wash your hair accordingly. Shampoo that day if need be. We have products that can add texture!

Curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair that you are going to wear textured I would suggest going about your normal routine. If you shampoo daily, do that. If you use curl enhancing mousse/gel/serum, do that. Make sure your hair is air dried/diffused before styling.

Other tips

  • Get a blow out the day before, this will absolutely set your hair up for success!

  • DO NOT flat iron, it is soooo hard to get hair to curl after being flat ironed. If you are going for a very smooth, flat style then by all means.

  • Make sure your hair is DRY before sitting in the chair

  • Get the proper haircut for the style you are trying to achieve!

Hope that helps, happy wedding planning!


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