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Hair extensions 101

I get asked all the time about hair extensions, do I need them? What brand I should purchase? How do I take care of them? How do I pick a shade that’s going to blend with my hair color?

If you’ve ever had questions about extensions, then this post is for you!

First and foremost I am a huge fan of hair extensions. Not only for length but for fullness and also to aid in longevity of your styles. Whether you’re using them to create that Victoria Secret bombshell hair or to bring that upstyle to the next level- extensions are your best bet! Extensions keep curls intact significantly longer as well as help upstyles to look more full and Pinterest worthy! All of those gorgeous styles you see all over Pinterest, yup you guessed it TONS of extensions/padding/donuts/fillers!

Two brands I’ve always recommended throughout the years have been Bellami Hair and Milk + Blush. Both brands are tried and true and the shade selection is unmatched. Taking care of your extensions is super easy! I always wash them upon receiving a new set of extensions, I find that the curl holds a lot better after the first wash. Make sure you brush out your extensions well after every use, this will without a doubt keep your extensions looking great sooo much longer! I shampoo and condition mine about every 4th wear and try not to use too many products on them.

Lastly, if you are having trouble deciding on a shade to match your color, I can help! Also know, that a shade lighter or a shade darker will always blend seamlessly. I always say if you’re having trouble deciding on a shade, always go with the lighter- it will look like natural highlight/dimension!

Hope that helps and as always if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out!


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