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Top 4 reasons you should wait to schedule your bridal trial closer to your wedding date

Photo credit: Grain and Compass

I totally get it, you’re excited, I’m excited for you! Buttt, It’s also my job to guide you in the area I am most familiar with, hair and makeup. Keep reading and you will find out why I always suggest scheduling trial closer to wedding, optimally 2 months out if you can and here's why..


You WILL be getting bombarded by pinterest, instagram, Facebook, bridal magazines, your friends and family etc. with amazing, like truly stunning styles and tons of different makeup looks. Say you had your trial 9 months out, you will second guess yourself constantly! Like myself, stylists charge for additional trials.


Chances are you color your hair. Say you had your trial a year ago when you had balayage/ highlights, your hair style is going to look completely different if you decide to go back natural to a solid color.


Even though your stylist will take pictures and detailed notes of all products used to achieve your hair and makeup look you still want it to be fresh in their minds. I know for myself, I work roughly 50 weddings a year, that’s a lot of brides to remember!


Do your research! I know it's daunting having to internet stalk a zillion vendors but you must! Ask around, check out their reviews. If you trust whomever you hired, love their work and believe in their skill set you should rest easy knowing that sooner to the wedding for your trial truly is ideal. If you’re an out of town bride or just super anxious, I’ve done trials 18 months out with great success also, closer might just be better in my humble opinion.

Hope some of this info helps, happy Monday!

Photo credit: Grain and Compass

Xx Dana

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