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To airbrush or not to airbrush, this is the question..

I receive inquiries day in and day out with brides specifically requesting airbrush makeup. While I absolutely LOVE airbrush makeup for a multitude of reasons which I will get into a bit later, it is not the right choice for everyone.

I airbrush roughly 90% or my clients and love the outcome it provides. Airbrush provides a seriously long wear base that is water + sweat resistant* not proof. Airbrush offers 8-14 hour wear depending upon skin prep/condition. It is a fantastic option also because it truly feels amazing on the skin, light weight and completely customizable from sheer to full coverage. Completely sanitary and applied with a gun, instead of traditional brushes/sponges. The molecules in airbrush makeup are significantly smaller than those of traditional foundation, hence why it blurs and is so flattering in photos. And can I just mention airbrush contour and highlighting….what! B E A U T I F U L!

So now we’ve gotten into all the amazing qualities of airbrush, let's talk about that other 10% that isn’t the best candidate. Airbrush makeup sits on top of the skin as a veil to blur, so those with “peach fuzz” or low hairlines, the makeup will sit on top- not the most flattering to say the least. In those cases, traditional makeup that can be “pushed” into the skin with sponges would be your best bet. Also, my super oily ladies, if you’re one to carry powder in your bag and reapply often- airbrush may not be for you. Powder and airbrush don’t play the best together, and in my opinion breaks down the formula. Blotting papers are better option.

Truly, the only way to know if someone is a candidate for airbrush makeup would be a consultation. Just remember to keep an open mind and trust whomever you’ve hired, this most likely isn't their first rodeo.

Hope that helps, happy wedding planning!

Xx Dana

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