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I've been using Rosehip oil in my skin care routine for over a year now and I can say without doubt I will be using it for the rest of my life! Rosehip oil is completely natural and made from the seed of a the rose. This powerhouse of an oil has an endless list of benefits an

d uses. For one it is chocked full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and aid in relieving dehydrated, itchy skin, all while reducing wrinkles, scars and fine lines. Fountain of youth in a bottle? Quite possibly. This oil does it all, tightens, brightens and evens out skin tone all while leaving behind a a beautiful dewy glow!

Rosehip oil is also a relatively inexpensive oil depending upon where you purchase. I use the Radha brand. When searching for an oil be sure to look out for 100% pure, organic, cold pressed and cruelty free.

Some of my favorite uses:

1 ) Hair mask: Coconut oil/ rose hip oil/ essential oil(optional, I love to add grapefruit) I do this once a week, completely saturate your hair and throwing it up in a bun for the day. When you shampoo your hair is going to be so unbelievably soft and shiny!

2 ) Excellent face oil, I like to layer my moisturizers at night. 1st moisturizer then rosehip, then eye cream (my husband loves going to bed with a super shiny lady!)

3 ) Mix a drop in with your foundation for a beautiful, luminous finish. Rosehip oil also has a slight golden color and I absolutely loveeeee the subtle glow it gives my skin tone! Also great to mix with a skin illuminator for your arms, chest and legs!

4 ) Fantastic for rough, dry cuticles and hands! I am washing dishes/changing diapers/ using hairspray + rubbing alcohol at work- my hands can use all the help they can get.

5 ) Make countless scrubs with this bad boy

6 ) Eczema & dandruff relief.

7 ) I make a leave in conditioner/ lice repellent for my kids with this stuff (I know, I'm crazy but better to be safe than sorry!)

-Rosehip oil (about a dropper full)

- Hask conditioner

- Tea tree oil (10 drops) + peppermint oil (10 drops) + grapefruit oil (5 drops)

- Water

Hope you give some of these a try, happy DIYing!

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