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Derma rolling 101

What is derma rolling? Also known as micro needling, it may seem a little odd to some to purposely roll hundreds of tiny needles over your face to create superficial injuries, but stick with me, it will all make sense!

What is a derma roller?

Derma rollers are tools with hundreds of tiny needles, they come in a variety of different lengths to address countless skin conditions and problem areas. By rolling these sterile rollers over your skin, you are creating micro- injuries which in turn rush blood, collagen + elastin to the surface to heal. After rolling, your skin will almost immediately be more plump and firm. Think of a medispa microdermabrasion, similar concept, although with derma rolling a lot less down time (basically none!) I have two different rollers, one I use weekly for additional product absorption, and one I use every 6 weeks which is more intense if you will for my fine lines and wrinkles. I will get more into needle lengths later :)

Who should use a derma roller?

Anyone looking for a fairly non invasive, at home treatment for improving their complexion. As mentioned before, they are great for filling fine lines, wrinkles. Excellent for acne scarring, any scarring in general. Aids in breaking up discoloration from sun spots. Over lips for a plumper appearance. Pore reduction and overall more youthful skin. Lastly, what most use them for, almost 90% increase in product absorption!

How often should you derma roll?

For at home use, most do not recommended needle length longer than 1.0mm and suggest it would be best to see a professional in office for anything larger. I personally use the 1.0 every 6 weeks, although these treatments are done at your own risk. Needle length below 0.5 will not be effective for fine lines, wrinkles, scarring. These length needles are ideal for product absorption and overall improvements to the skin. Can be done weekly, some even use 0.5 more frequently 2-3x a week. I personally use it weekly to aid in my serums further penetration.

What should I do before & after?

Always, always sanitize your roller, I submerge mine in 90% alcohol for 30 minutes prior to use and also apply alcohol to my clean, 100% makeup free face with a sterile cotton swab. Also, do not forget to wash your hands!! Remember, you are making tiny superficial wounds, you need to be completely sterile! I apply an oil prior to rolling, I use (surprise, surprise) my rosehip oil, here my absolute favorite, Radha Rosehip oil

After your face is cleansed, and your oil is applied for slip, roll your derma roller vertically, horizontally and diagonally in cross stitch patterns. I would recommend using your roller at night, you will only get mildly red, it’s just best to let your skin heal while you’re sleeping. For the next 24 hours, avoid makeup and excessive exercise if you’ve used a needle length over 0.5mm. After rolling apply a hylaronic acid, I love TruSkin

TruSkin is infused with Vitamin C, E, organic jojoba oil, natural aloe and is 100% cruelty free and 100% pure botanical hyaluronic acid.

Who shouldn’t use derma rollers?

Those who have active acne breakouts, sunburns, keloid scarring, open wounds, recently used accutane. If you have any abnormal skin condition, do your research!

Where to purchase a derma roller?

There are tons out there, and they are pretty inexpensive! You want to make sure you’re purchasing a good quality roller to ensure you do not damage your skin by using subpar materials. Below is the roller I personally use

Hope you found some of this info useful! Disclaimer: I am not a skin care specialist, I am simply sharing my personal experience and extensive research on these amazing little tools!

Happy rolling!

Dana xx

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