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What to consider when choosing your bridal hair and makeup artist

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I’m sure most of you have never been married before and it is a completely daunting task to plan a wedding to say the least! From researching vendors, to social media “stalking” (y'all's words, not mine!) to filling out contracts, arranging schedules that coincide with 47 different vendors- oyy vey!

Here are a couple tips to consider when choosing your wedding day hair and makeup artist…

1.) Consider where you will want services provided. Do you want to use your regular stylist and have your hair/makeup done in salon or do you want a stylist to travel to your venue/hotel day of?

2.) What is your aesthetic? Are you a full out drama llama or do you prefer more of a timeless/natural approach? Either are just fine, although I would search for an artist with a portfolio of work that best depicts your vision for yourself on your big day.

3.) Read reviews! This day and age you can basically find out everything you need to know about a prospect vendor/business from reading about others experiences.

4.) Reach out! Get a feel for if they respond in a timely manner. What’s their vibe, are they lighthearted or more to the point professionals. Which do you prefer- this matters!

5.) When you have found your ideal artist, be prepared to sign a contract and submit a retainer. A professional stylist will require them both. With a contract and retainer in place you can feel confident your stylist won’t bail on you for a bigger job, last minute girls weekend or whatever else. (You have no idea how many times I’ve heard of this from frantic brides emailing me last minute!)

6.) If you are going to go with a bridal specific vendor, book at least a year out for super popular months ex: April, May, June, September, October, November. Here in the Carolina’s the weatheris pretty perfect 10 months out of the year, and we book up quick! We hate having to turn down brides, we really do!

Hope this helps, happy vendor hunting!

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